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Learning tips for GENETIC CODE

  • 17/Jun/2020

Learning tips for GENETIC CODE


Learning tips:-  Some Likes People And Throw  aVay  AnGer

First, we should remember the sequence of a nitrogenous base for first position in codon  &                          it  will be U C A G

Then remember the second base of a codon with them i.e.
GU, GC, GG  
We find that with U only C goes but with C all other three bases goes except A. Same with A & G

Then the third nitrogenous base of a codon which will be again all four i.e. U C A G  
UC  U/C/A/G = Codes for Serine
CU  U/C/A/G = Codes for Leucine
CC  U/C/A/G = Codes for Proline
CG  U/C/A/G = Codes for Arginine
AC  U/C/A/G = Codes for Threonine
GU  U/C/A/G = Codes for Valine
GC  U/C/A/G = Codes for Alanine
GG  U/C/A/G = Codes for Glycine
Now if we see third base are again all four types i.e. U C A G